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ethical investing 101

Wondering if there’s a way to earn money, but also save the world at the same time? Enter ethical investing.

Ethical investments don’t just consider monetary profit, they also seek to create positive change in the form of environmental and social returns.

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Investing ethically means that your investments align with your values, to ensure that your money goes into supporting the success of companies and industries who are trying to make a positive impact in the world.

Ethical investment includes…

Investments into industries which positively impact the:

  • Environment – conservation, sustainability, recycling, waste management, water technology, hydro electricty
  • Animals – animal welfare, wildlife animal protection
  • People – education, health, biotechnology, affordable housing

Ethical investment excludes…

Investments into industries which negatively impact the:

  • Environment – fossil fuels, oil, gas, habitat destruction
  • Animals – animal slaughter, animal testing
  • People – gambling, tobacco, guns

If you are worried about where your money goes, it may be worth considering ethical investment/superannuation funds.

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