Join the team

We're officially on the lookout for new talent to join the (very) fast growing mandy team...

Whether you want to run one of our school workshops, design posts as part of the social media team, or just want to tag along for the ride and get involved... If you have any of these *🌶 * spicy talents, we want to hear from you!

⭐️ Graphic Design
⭐️ Video Editing
⭐️ Videography
⭐️ Technical Dev
⭐️ Copy Writing
⭐️ Marketing
⭐️ Social Media
⭐️ Education Design
⭐️ Money Expertise
⭐️ Public Speaking
⭐️ Consulting
⭐️ Teaching
⭐️ Sales
⭐️ Legal

Say hello and tell us a bit about yourself. Let's make something cool happen!

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