mandy in schools

Every young person should finish high school with the tools to confidently step into the wide world of money. That is why mandy-in-schools exists. We are en route to high schools around Australia with presentations, classroom workshops & teacher resource packs ready to change the world one #moneysmart presentation at a time.

Our presentations and workshops are guaranteed to grab attention and make learning a little bit fun (don’t tell the kids). We bring to the table; memes, colour and bad jokes in educational sessions aligned with the Victorian Curriculum & the National Consumer Literacy Framework.

An excerpt from one of our Year 9 workshops ‘Money Basics’

An excerpt from one of our Year 11-12 workshops ‘Planning Your Money’

Mandy’s school offerings are suitable for students from Year 8-12. Our workshops are designed to be delivered in-person or online and are suitable for a classroom or assembly setting. All teacher resource packs come with accompanying videos, detailed teacher instructions and student worksheets.

If you are teacher, parent or student who thinks Mandy could do a world of good at your school, send us a email (or give us a call).

Our contact information is available in the detailed information document downloadable just below. We can’t wait to hear from you!