October 8th 2021 | Victoria | Years 9-12

Join a select cohort of Victorian High Schoolers in an entrepreneurial workshop day. The day is FREE, running from 9am – 4pm. you’re welcome to come solo, come as a group or bring along a teacher!  

With Mandy by your side, build a start-up team, develop and test your solution, while learning from some of the best & brightest start-up players in the state! 

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Generously hosted by Haileybury College

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So what's on for the day?

Welcome to the day!
Part 1 To kick off the day!
  • Meet the Mandy Team!
  • Learn about your Entrepreneurial style with a personal Skills Assessment
  • Meet your Co-founders & form your start-up team
Setting your foundations...
Part 2 Getting the left side of your brain working
  • Research, define & validate your problem!
  • Understand your audience & their needs
  • Get to know the market & your competitors
Finding your solution!
Part 3 Getting the right side of your brain working
  • Brainstorm and find your solution
  • Validate & adjust your solution
  • Get into the details of your design
Bringing your solution to life...
Part 4 Execution is the name of the game!
  • Build your solution prototype
  • Launch your product and test how well it floats!
  • Get feedback, iterate before commercialising your solution
Enrich your start-up experience
Part 5 Key ingredients you need to make it big...
  • Set your vision, goals & culture cornerstone
  • Create an elevator pitch & present your solution!
  • Insight into Mandy's latest product

Generously supported by Haileybury College

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Sponsored by

Generously hosted by Haileybury College

Speakers from


Entries close September 8th 11:59pm... We'll let you know of the outcome of September 15th!

We can only select a handful of entries, which is terrible because we'd love to accept all applications! Entrepreneurship is all about overcoming hurdles, so don't let an unsuccessful application discourage you from travelling down the start-up journey 🙂 

If you are unsuccessful, there are three ways you can get involved...

  1. Keep on the lookout for an email from us... We'll be hosting more events like this in future!
  2. Invite Mandy to come visit your school... We run #moneysmart workshops which are lots of fun. We can even run a custom Movers & Makers day at your school! Send us an email - hello@mandymoney.com.au 
  3. We'll be enlisting lots of young entrepreneurs to help us design and test one of our upcoming products... We'll be in touch about joining this team regardless of the outcome of your application!



The event will be generously hosted at our sponsor venue -  Haileybury City Campus (383 King St, West Melbourne VIC 3003) from 9am-5pm.

Any details beyond this will be supplied to successful applicants (but you're welcome to email us with any questions - hello@mandymoney.com.au)

The application process shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. We ask a few questions about your year level and how to best contact you.

The big question to focus on is... Why do you believe you should be selected for Movers & Makers day? What makes you an entrepreneur? Have you had any experience with an entrepreneurial venture or activity? Tell us all about it! We love to hear about any experience, big or small 🙂

You can stop and start at any point during the application and come back to it... We recommend saving your answers somewhere safe in case you have to re-apply for some reason!

Once you apply, the next step is just to sit back and wait. We'll let you know the outcome of your application by September 15th 🙂

Contact us at hello@mandymoney.com.au!

You sure can... We have one spot left for sponsors that can add value to Movers & Makers day.

Apply here: https://x31i9sqg0ha.typeform.com/to/Qoy8nUC4

Or email us -  hello@mandymoney.com.au