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Our compliance notes 🙂

Mandy Money is strictly education only – never advice. As you’re probably well aware, providing advice (as opposed to general information) comes with a whole range of compliance and administration requirements. Plus it’s pretty far removed from our objective; we’re all about helping individuals learn to make better financial decisions, to improve your financial wellbeing. Mandy Money is non-product-based, and as such is a great way to start on your financial journey. ‘Non-product’ means not pushing particular financial products or product providers. We talk about classes of financial products, such as stocks, mutual funds, credit cards and mortgages, but we don’t talk about particular products offered by particular providers. You can learn without any sales bias. What you learn will enable you to more informed, confident and productive decisions. Education will give you a better understanding to engage with an external professional financial adviser, should you choose to do so. All information contained at mandymoney.com and on any product of Mandy is for education and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional financial, legal or tax advice. Members of mandy are not financial professionals and are not aware of your personal financial circumstances. Before making any financial decisions you should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and, if necessary, consult a licensed financial professional.